Dragonfly File Sorter

Automatically Sort Your Files

Sleek, intuitively designed and extremely powerful. Dragonfly File Sorter will automatically organise your files according to your rules.

Schedule Sorts When You'd Like

Schedule your sorts to detect new files automatically, or sort for you on a regular cleanup. It's like having a personal cleaner! Only available in the pro version.

Free Version Available

Completely free if you want it to be, Dragonfly File Sorter offer a version that has nearly all features and costs absolutely nothing. The full version costs only $10 and is even more powerful, find out below.

Download For Free

Download for free now and get 90% of all features with zero limitations.

Purchase For $10

Alternatively, purchase the full version for only $10

So, what can Dragonfly File Sorter do?

Move, Copy, Delete, Recycle or Rename your files and folders in bulk
Create unlimited custom rules to get your files where you want
Sort based on name, extension, dates, file size and more
Automatic Updates to ensure you are always up to date
Logs kept of all files sorted so you don't lose track
Undo a previous sort in case you change your mind
Delete empty folders that are no longer used
Automatically sort new files added to a folder
Schedule sorts to run when you need them to
Automatically sort your music collection with mp3 support

Ok, but give me some real examples

  • Automatically move your downloads to there correct folders, be it music, videos, pictures or anything you want
  • *Sort your music into their artist/album folders and rename them to their correct mp3 titles
  • Create a scheduled backup of your files by setting specific directories to be copied. In the pro version you can also append the date to the backup folder
  • Archive old files into a single location to be easily tucked away
  • Delete files which haven't been modified for over a certain number of days
  • Many other possibilities for any situation you can think of
  • *Full version only