Wisps is a puzzle game about planning the best route for a group of wizards to take by placing monuments for them to follow. Due for release in late 2016 for PC, you can download the demo now. Find out more here: Wisps


Fred is a puzzle game where you purchase blocks to help get Fred to the end of the level by placing them strategically. Once you've set them up, press play to watch Fred go and see if your solution works. There are many ways to solve each level, but obviously some are better than others. Find out more here: Fred


Splat is an html5 wall-jumping platformer that is possibly far too hard, but that's all part of the fun. Each level requires that you rotate the whole level around you to get to the end. It's not perfect, has the occasional bug and is often sadistically hard, but I still enjoy playing it. Plus, it's not too bad for a couple of weeks effort! As it's HTML5 it can be played directly in most modern browsers - definitely works best in Google Chrome though. If you can complete it without dying once you are probably a god of some sort. Play Splat Here